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Key Items available ex stock

Twinwall Flue & Chimney Systems
DINAK DW Twin wall, insulated, stainless steel modular chimneys.

MI-Flues Twin Wall Flue System – TWPro

Scheidel Twin Wall Flue System – ICID

Flexible Flue Liner
Our flexible liners are Hetas & CE approved
Made in the UK.
Suitable for use with solid fuel, wood, gas and oil appliances.

Available in cut lengths from 6 meters or coils up to 40 meters.
Lifetime Warranty

IL Gas Flue System

IL twin wall, air gap insulated gas vent system for gas appliances in residential or small commercial installations with inputs up to 70 kW, having a draught-hood or with a 250°C max. flue gas temperature and zero or negative pressure in the flue. Aluminium liner with Zalutite outer casing, suitable for internal and external use, either as a complete system or in combination with flue blocks or a brick chimney. Maximum external or ventilated roof area use up to 3 m.
Certified to BS EN 1856-1 and tested to BS EN 1859 to the performance designations as defined in Table A. Manufactured by a BS EN 9001 registered company.
Must not be used for condensing, oil-fired or solid fuel systems.

Vitreous Enamel Stove Pipe
The plain appearance of the stove pipe without markings or beadings, adapts itself perfectly to match the designer stove connection

Isokern Pumice Chimney – For new chimneys and for the refurbishment of existing chimneys. The Isokern chimney systems provide a lightweight, easily installed and versatile chimney which can be used internally or externally.

scheidel chimney and flue

Lead Flashing
Lead sheet in codes 3 – 8 and all the ancillary products to successfully install. Patination Oil, Fixings, Underlays & Tools

Rainwater Gutters & Downpipes

Available in cast Iron, cast Aluminium and Steel.

Supplied by the UK’s leading manufacturers of aluminium and cast iron products for the construction industry who’s expertise in aluminium casting, extrusion and fabrication, as well as iron castings, stems from a proven track record, enabling the provision of unrivalled technical support for designers, specifiers and contractors.

A full range of Pots, Cowls & Caps in various colours and styles

About Us

Established in 2005, 1st Supplies Scotland is a key distributor of quality roofing, flue and chimney products. Our product range includes gas and solid fuel flexible chimney liners, twin wall rigid flues and chimney, vitreous enamel flue pipe —- for immediate delivery.

We stock a full range of rolled lead sheet materials in all codes, underlays, coatings & fixings by Calder.  

Cast Aluminium & Cast Iron Rainwater Gutters and Downpipes.